Having a splash of tequila with your Cinco de Mayo festivities?

Spend a little more dough and try Tequila Alquimia Reserva de Don Adolfo Extra Añejo –it’s worth the money.  This sublime tequila is the work of Oxnard, California-based Dr. Adolfo Murillo, who, in addition to being the distiller, is also an optometrist who has practiced for over 30 years

As the name Alquimia (Spanish for “alchemy”) indicates, this tequila is crafted from only the best materials, in a highly ethical and sustainable manner. It’s produced from organically grown 8 – year – old agave from Murillo’s family ranch in Jalisco, Mexico without pesticides or chemicals. Even the packaging is sustainable: the hand-blown bottles are made from recycled glass. Murillo spoke about his commitment to sustainable farming practices in an interview with Organic Wine Journal:

“From the beginning we used the ranch as an outdoor laboratory to study our organic protocols and then used it as a classroom to teach other growers our organic methods. Not just for agave, but for different crops for different states. We taught farmers how to match our methods to their own soils and crops…Organic and quality go hand in hand…We appeal to both markets; folks that want a high quality tequila and those who appreciate organic practices”.

The tequila is distilled and aged for just under three years in white oak barrels for an intense wood essence and a distinctive Amber color. The aroma is very pleasant with notes of herbs, cinnamon, vanilla and spices. In the mouth the drink is bold but without an aggressive presence of alcohol. With an impossibly smooth finish, this tequila is often described as “cognac-like”.

Sip it. Don’t slam it.

Buy a bottle here or order one here.


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