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Our Story

Everybody has a story.

Here’s ours.

I’m Tauhir Jones, founder of Suit & Artist. 

I’m an entrepreneur, a producer, and an artist.

So, when I needed a creative outlet from my corporate day job, I started helping artists and creative professionals promote themselves and produce events.

We developed creative projects, experiences, and interactive media of all kinds: 

Art installations at local galleries, splashy promotional events for liquor brands, short films, private after-hours loft parties, underground (read: illegal) House music sets, block parties, and live performances.

Why did I do this? 

To wake up a side of me that had been dormant. I’d worn the suit and now I was being an artist. 

Marketing and promoting artists and events taught me invaluable lessons about the business of art and entertainment and earned me a reputation for leading projects, building partnerships, marketing, and helping artists develop new revenue streams. 

Clients started to trickle in by word-of-mouth and I realized I was running what was essentially an agency.

So, I recruited a small team to help with the growing workload, incorporated the business, and called it Suit & Artist, Inc, which describes our philosophy and how we approach our endeavors. 

The Suit & Artist Agency

The Suit & Artist Agency is small, agile, savvy, seasoned, and resourceful.

We draw from our vast collective experience to deliver creative work artfully, cost-effectively, and in alignment with your business goals. 

The Suit & Artist Life

Suit & Artist is a commercial enterprise, philosophy, and lifestyle anchored by a private community of professional artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the creative fields. 

Living the Suit & Artist Life means reconciling the often opposed agendas of art and commerce, empowering the disenfranchised, and earning fat checks in the process.

We help you live your Suit & Artist life through our weekly newsletter, interviews, events, retreats, and performances featuring the people who are redefining success in art and business.  

Join us and we’ll give you the blueprint to execute your vision and the tools to thrive in your creative and business pursuits.

You already have everything in your heart and mind to profoundly impact your industry and our world.

Now it’s time to take action.

How Can We Help? 

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