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The Suit & Artist Life

The Suit & Artist Life is a private membership community that creates experiences for and provides services to professional artists, entrepreneurs, creators, activists, and innovators.

Living the Suit & Artist Life means thriving as a creative professional, speaking truth to power through your craft, never compromising your principles, and earning fat checks in the process.

Are you a Suit & Artist?

You have a mind for business but you’re an artist at heart.

Your professional and creative goals are informed by your activism.

You’re always in the know and never a know-it-all.

You know the right places and people and you’re free with introductions.

You provide value to others and you understand your worth.

You know the classics yet you seek what’s fresh and new.

You’re a citizen of the world, but you appreciate where you’re from.

You are a Suit & Artist.

Are you living the Suit & Artist Life?

Suit & Artist develops, links, and celebrates the artists, creators, and risk-takers who are redefining success in entrepreneurship.

Through interviews, experiences, master classes, performances, and retreats featuring the people who are redefining success in art and commerce, we empower you professionally and creatively.

Membership Includes:

1) A customized marketing and promotions plan that we carry out on your behalf.

Feel what it’s like to have a world-class strategy, marketing, creative, and promotions team working for you while you focus on creating art or doing your thing.

Create new revenue streams. Be recognized as an authority in your industry. Find new audiences, opportunities, fans, and customers.

We’ll promote you, your business, your art, or your pet project via a mix of these services:

  • Booking: we have deep industry relationships and can help you get paid gigs.
  • Consulting: get strategies, research and analysis, and data-based recommendations so you make smart decisions.
  • Design: logos, merchandise, apparel, fliers, cover art, banners, brand,  digital products.
  • Photography: product, studio, portrait, events, aerial.
  • Film and Video: features, music, crowdfunding, animated.
  • Content: strategy, article writing, white papers, case studies, bios.
  • Social Media: Social ads, social feed management, social selling, fan engagement.
  • Email Marketing: email writing, blasts, drip campaigns.
  • Web Development: websites, apps, interactive experiences, e-commerce.

2) Remarkable Events and Experiences.

•  Get first access to live performances, panels, pop-ups, networking events, and unique experiences.

•  Online courses and masterclasses led by renowned instructors.

4) Exclusive offers and delightful surprises.

•  Members’ Only perks.

•  Insider opportunities.

•  Free shit.

5) Free Merchandise at the S&A Shop.

•  Members get a 20% discount at our shop.

Let’s Get Some Things Out in the Open:

•  Membership requires an invitation from a Brand Ambassador, current member, or an approved Membership Request.

  Membership starts at $99 per month.  You will not be billed unless you’re accepted. No long-term contracts.

•  We offer a variety of services to enhance your membership but there is no obligation to purchase them.

•  You are free to cancel your membership at any time.

•  We are not data-mining you and we will never share your information.

•  Be sure to let us know your needs and interests. The more detail you provide, the better we can serve you.

What’s Next?:

As soon as you complete the questionnaire below, a group of human beings (not bots) will evaluate your request.

Approval is based on a variety of factors, the most important being the potential for profound mutual benefit. We don’t want to waste your time if we can’t provide value in a tangible way.

If your request is accepted we’ll contact you within a week with next steps.

Take Action:

Request membership and get the online presence, connections, opportunities, education, inspiration, infrastructure, and experiences to achieve your commercial and creative goals.

You already have everything in your heart and mind to profoundly impact your industry and our world.

Now it’s time take action.

Get started right now by requesting membership below.

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