I refer to myself from time to time as a grammar Nazi, so when I am grammatically incorrect, it’s on purpose.

Woke is a word, a term, a concept that was originally defined as the past tense of “wake.”

How far the mighty have risen, because today to be woke means around ten different things according to Urban Dictionary.

When you are woke you are aware, nay, you are hyper aware of what is happening in your community, your sought community, your immediate world, and the worlds in which you work, reside, play, and desire to be.

Woke people are not merely in the know about things. They are being, doing, and acting.

Troubled by what’s happening (or not) in your country, your city, your state, the White House Senate? You’re woke by participating in Shaun King’s Injustice Boycott, writing to your elected officials, and volunteering at your local polls.

Horrified that learning cursive is no longer in the Core Curriculum? You’re woke in your teaching your children and godchildren how to script write their names, sharing logic games and puzzles, and encouraging them to read the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

Frustrated by the power of landlords (read: unjustifiable rent charges) and the impact on your neighborhood’s gems? You’re woke by eating at local restaurants, buying from the smaller grocery stores, and supporting the tiny boutiques.

There is a lot happening in the world (understatement) and even more happening in your life and in your family’s lives. Being woke is not an obligation; being woke is a choice.

How are you woke? Tell us in the comments below, and let us know how we or our agency can help you stay woke.


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