Experiential Marketing

We help you create unforgettable experiences

Our Experiential Marketing Services deliver measurable results that positively impact your bottom line. We produce remarkable events that infuse the essence of your brand into every facet of the experience – all without you having to life a finger.

We’ve worked with a diverse array of clients ranging from The Jordan Brand to Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. We learned that Experiential Marketing can help you connect with your audience and positively impact your sales. On the flip-side, you can squander your marketing budget on forgettable events that have no impact on your business.

Maybe you have a brilliant event concept and a captive audience. To make this vision a reality requires the management and coordination of a lot of moving parts. You need a venue, a license, insurance, a caterer, decor, sound, and up-lighting.

What about the fliers or invitations? Who’s designing them? Who’s printing them? Will the venue supply everything you need? What about parking? 

Who’s going to host your guests and ensure that your brand identity is communicated properly?  Where will you find talent or DJ’s? 

What about gift bags and giveaways? Do you have a sponsor to donate wine or liquor? Can you serve it legally? What about a photographer?  It would be great to have a video of your event too, right?…

If you have any experiential marketing or event planning experience, you know there’s a lot of work, time and expense involved in making things appear to be effortless. You need a plan, clear communication, and an experienced team that pays attention to the details. And when you think everything is in place, something unexpected will inevitably happen.

Suit & Artist can manage every aspect of your event or just the parts you need help with. This gives you the freedom to connect with your guests and enjoy yourself, without stressing about the details of creating an amazing experience.

Let’s discuss how Suit & Artist can help you bring your vision to life.