blueprint + co. is my ideal coworking space in New York City

The coworking (co-working?) spaces in New York City are multiplying. They include Bay Haus, Alley, WeWork (and there are many), NeueHouse, and The Productive to name a few. With so many options, the one that is truly unique rises like a phoenix from the overpopulated ashes.

For me, and for Suit & Artist, that place is blueprint + co.

wall at blueprint + co
blueprint + co sign

My visit to the stylish coworking space in the Garment District was an experience akin to finding the nail tech, hair stylist, and personal trainer. My metaphor here refers to people who do for us what we cannot do for ourselves and empower us to do for ourselves.

blueprint + co. founded by Daymond John opened last month. Its offerings – ergonomic workstations, printing, high-speed Wi-Fi, public and private meeting spaces, event access, perks – and membership fees are similar to other coworking spaces in New York City. Its vibe and energy are its own.

People do various things for work here. They range in age, race, culture, industry, and purpose. My visit was during the lunch hour, and I could hear a pin drop. And it wasn’t empty, not in the slightest. This is not a place that provides spaces exclusively, or predominantly, for programmers, coaches, bloggers, and yogis.

I perceived the members at blueprint + co. to do things their own way. What blueprint + co. provides is a space where real collaboration can occur.

blueprint + co. is a space and a place where my non-linear, exclusive-to-me way of experiencing and expressing things are welcomed, encouraged, challenged, and supported. I hope to see you there.

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