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Reconcile the often opposed agendas of art and commerce.

Suit & Artist is a production company and agency. We develop experiences for and provide creative direction, content strategy, design, and web marketing services to selected clients in the music, film, media, arts, and nonprofit sectors.

Through professional services, performances, masterclasses, retreats, and interviews featuring the people who are redefining success in art and commerce, we give you the blueprint to succeed commercially and creatively.

The Dilemma

To thrive as a professional artist or creative, you need a system built on a solid strategy, an integrated online presence, polished visuals, the support of a community, and consistent online engagement…all while being prolific in your work.

The problem is unless you’re already a star, nobody is going to do this for you and it’s extremely difficult to do all of this by yourself.

We can help.

Work with us and experience the freedom of having a world-class strategy, marketing, business management, legal, creative, and promotions team working for you while you focus on doing your thing – all at a price that’s affordable for professional artists, entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses,  and non-profits.


  • Booking: we have deep industry relationships and can help you get paid gigs.
  • Consulting: strategies, research and analysis, and data-based recommendations so you make smart decisions.
  • Design: logos, merchandise, apparel, fliers, cover art, posters, banners, brand, digital products.
  • Photography: product, studio, portrait, events, aerial.
  • Film and Video: features, music, crowdfunding, animated.
  • Content: strategy, article writing, white papers, case studies, bios.
  • Social Media: Social ads, social feed management, social selling, fan engagement.
  • Email Marketing: email writing, blasts, drip campaigns.
  • Web Development: websites, apps, interactive experiences, e-commerce.

Find new audiences, opportunities, fans, and customers.

Be recognized as an authority in your industry.

Create new revenue streams.

Thrive in your creative and business pursuits.

You already have everything in your heart and mind to profoundly impact your industry and our world…

It’s time to take action.

How Can We Help? 

About Suit & Artist

We provide strategy, creative direction, production, design, and digital marketing services to select clients in the arts, music, film, media, and public sectors.

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